Floral design & styling for weddings, events and interiors.

Inspired by life & nature,  powered by passion & joy.


I'm Markéta Motlová … the face and happy soul standing behind the Inspirito.

I founded Inspirito after 6 years long career in Finance, decided to make a profound change and follow my lifelong dream. I  left for Holland to study at the Boerma Floristic Institute.

The famous cliché of making one's dream come true has become a reality for me.

We start with You, rather than what ´s trendy. We focus on designing and making decor that will be a meaningfull addition to your event.

Nature, colours, shapes, materials, patterns, smells, tastes and, most of all, the cients themselves are the consistent sources of my inspiration.

I feel immense gratitude to those who have supported me and all the amazing clients who have trusted me with bringing their vision to life!