Katharina & Nikolas

8th of  September 2018 Villa Richter



Jana & Pierre Emmanuel

6th of August 2016 Augustine

Bonjour Marketa,

Jana and I, we would like to thank you for the beautiful decoration you have done for us and the great taste. You participated to make our day better J

Also we would love to invite you at our place in order to bring some flowers and plants in the decoration in our Flat and balcone, because this is something we are missing today J

No rush for that, just let us know if you would like to do it and when you would be available, and we would be really happy for it J

Have a great day and week and holidays if you are on holidays

And again thousands of Thanks J

Pierre Emmanuel & Jana DIONNET ;-)



Willa & Tomas

2nd of July 2016 Chateau Mcely

Hi Marketa,

Thank you for the beautiful flowers and decor! Chateau Mcely looked beautiful and you brought our vision to life. 

You were such a pleasure to work with and l really appreciate your flexibility and professionalism. If you ever need us to write a referral, photos or anything, please let us know! :)




Josephine & Jiri

8th of July 2016 Karlstejn

Awww Marketa it was beautiful. Thank you and Irena for the excellent job with decoration. We didn't get a chance this morning to thank her personally but I am very grateful for your amazing work together. Everything I prayed and hoped for our wedding came true and I cannot wait to share some pictures with you when we get them soon.

You are the Best,


Jossy and Jiri


Monika & Jeremiash

Date:  5th of October 2015

Venue: St. Nicholas church & Zofin palace

Jackie & Jeremy

Date:  3rd of July 2015

Venue: Chateu Mcely

Emme & David

Date:  April 2015

Venue: Aria hotel

Maria & Eugeny

Date:  September 2014

Venue: Prague gardens

Dear Marketa,

We want to thank you for the great decoration of our ceremony and reception. Everyting was according to our dreams. Everything was provided in time and we would like to thank you for your punctuallity in tought conditions.Decor of the ceremony and reception was very beautiful, all of our guests took photos and were impressed.

Thank to you and your team.

Maria and Evgenii


Kate & Kostya

Date: 27th of September 2014

Venue: Chateau Mcely

Dear Marketa!
Thank you once again for all that you've done for my wedding! It was absolutely gorgeous!
A friend of mine Vera Pochueva asked me for your email as she is the owner of a journal  - she has some proposals for an interesting projects. 
Thank you once again!
God blessed me to have you as my decorator.
Many thanks and hugs,


Yurina & Philip

Date: 26th of July 2014

Venue: Chateau Mcely

Dearest Markéta,


Philip and I wanted to say a huge thank you to you and your wonderful team, Irena and Karolina, for making our wedding day so special! Absolutely everything, from the flower arch to the table decor to the bouquets, were done with the utmost precision and care-- we are truly privileged to have had such a talented person make our wedding so beautiful! We are extremely grateful for all of your very hard work! Děkujeme mockrát!

We are back in the UK now, but have the most wonderful memories to cherish. I will send you some photos, but here is one from Pavlina :) The flowers were gorgeous! When you have a moment, would you mind sending me your address?


Yurina & Philip 

Rania & Dordzhi

Date: 28th of September 2014

Venue: Chateau Mcely

Hello Marketa, 

Yes, sure you can use the photos, the photos looked nice because you played a big part in making them look nice, the flower arrangements were perfect :) 

Thank you!



Martina & Chris

Date: 6th of June 2014

Venue: Capi hnizdo

Hi Marketa,

Thank you so much for all your hard work creating such beautiful flowers and decor! It was so perfect, just as I had imagined :) I had so many compliments as to how perfectly the wedding went and you and Natalie were a very large part of that!!

Much gratitude,

Marti and Chris



Jitka & Daniel

Date: 5th of October 2013

Venue: Chateau Mcely

Dear Marketa,

I have been thinking for a while how to express my feelings; yet the only words that come up to my mind are „Thank you for all“.

After our first meeting I immediately knew that I had encountered a great professional that works with passion, love and attention to details. Such a person is hard to find nowadays. Every single design and arrangement was fine-tuned with precision and met all our expectations to the point.

Dear becoming brides, with all the confidence turn to Marketa when you start thinking about the design of you Big Day. She will not only assist you and make recommendations but also be there for you listening to your wishes. This is also very important

Marketa, thank you once again

With kind regards Jitka Seiner


Katarina & Frank

Date: 10th of Augustine 2013

Venue: Zofin garden


Cyndia & Honza

Date: 26th of July 2013

Venue: Chateau Mcely

Hi Marketa,


Thank you for the email. I've been meaning to write you these days. First of all I wanted to thank you again for such amazing flowers for the wedding! I think the purple and peach colors turned out really well! Also the smilebox background was so nice! I've just gotten the photos from the photographer. I think I will need a few days to organize them and upload them. I will definitely send you the link of the photos when I'm done. I have good photos of everything except for the bouquet. Even though the bouquet was in almost all my photos but I didn't get a close up photo of it. If you want I can upload some shots where I'm holding the bouquet? Let me know also if you want photos of the rose buttonholes and the flower headband on the flower girl. 

Have a nice weekend!

Best Regards,




Natasha & Danijel

Date: 22nd June 2013

Venue: Mandarin Oriental hotel

Dear Marketa, 

How are you doing? I imagine you must be very busy with the wedding season. 

I apologize for only writing now. 

I already told Andrea, but the truth is I cannot put into words my feelings.. my wedding was perfect, beyond my dreams, best day of my life. I look at the pictures every day and it makes me so so happy. 

I knew that you would do a beautiful job, but I could never have imagined how beautiful it would be.. You did an incredible job. The flowers, decor was perfect.. Please thank the graphic studio too. 

Thank you from all my heart.. 

The Olive trees were so adorable and I love my wishing tree. She is very happy in my home!! ;-) 

I must meet you soon to return you the buckets from the flowers. The Peonies lasted a week after the wedding and I gave to my friends. 

Also I will do a small photo shot with Stepan, and I would like to order another Crown. Please can you let me know if you would be able to do this either later in July or August? 

In case I would like to order more Olive trees - is that possible? 

Additionally, I still need to give the wishing tree labels to the graphic studio to make my Olive Tree guest book. 

Look forward to hearing from you!! 

Happy Bride - Natasha Brener

Ivica & Francisco

Date: 4th May 2013

Venue: Church sv. Petra a Pavla, reception Chateau Mcely


Barbora & Lubos

Date:  8 September 2012
Venue: Aria hotel, Vrtbovska garden


Together with my husband Lubos we would like to thank you for wonderful flowers and the whole wedding decorations ... my bouquet was just incredible, I truly never seen more beautiful in my life!

All flowers kept fresh till today (our granmothers could not resist and took some home in memory of our wedding:) they were really great! Everyone was asking about you so perhaps you will have a few more admirers:) at least me and Lubos:)

I regret a bit that I did not ask for more ball arrangements so the decor is even richer but this is just my opinion... everyone else though that we had plenty.

Once again big thans to you

Barbora Balkova & Lubos Balek



Katerina & Jaroslav

Date: 7 July 2012
Venue: Parkhotel Popovicky

Our wedding day was the most beautiful day in our lives so far…Our gratitude for this goes also to Marketa, a person that can be described simply as PERFECT!

Thank you!



Isabel & Josef

Date: 16 June 2012
Venue: Strahovsky klaster & Zofin palace

Hi Marketa,

I hope your summer is going well! I wanted to send you a huge thank you from me, my family and Pepa for all you did for our wedding. The flowers were even better than I could have imagined. The whole design from the ceremony to the reception was flawless! So many guest told us that they were beautiful. You really are the best.

I am sure Stepan will send you some photos, but just in case, here are some of our favorites of your work!

Please feel free to use the photos, and I would be more than happy to recommend you to anyone who ask.

Warmest wishes



Eva & Tim

Date: 16 April 2012
Venue: Chateau Mcely


Hi Markét,

We just got back from the honeymoon and I wanted to thank you a lot for the great job you did. I have to say that the flowers were even more beautiful that I have imagined.

Thanks a lot.

I do not have Stepan's photos yet, but you deserve to have them.

I hope you are doing well.



Kristina & Mikhail

Date: 24.9.2011
Venue: Chateau Mcely


I came across Inspirito just by accident and ever since we are inseparable duo. When I started to organize my wedding I did not have a clear idea what I wanted; I just knew everything has to be just perfect and beautiful. When I first met with Marketa I was impressed by everything; her style, beautiful fresh flowers, her great ideas and inspirations – difficult to describe it ALL. She is the person that LOVES what she does and understands her job. We understood each other from the first minute we met and sometimes I felt we do not even need words. I entrusted to her my weeding bouquet (which was the most important to me) as well as the complete decoration of the Chateau where the wedding event took place. The result was fantastic!!! On my wedding day I felt like being in the fairy tale where everything was marvelously beautiful and living. Even my wedding cake was designed by Marketa:o) I would like to thank Marketa again because my  memories that I still carry with me no money can buy.

Magda & Petr
Date: 27.8.2011
Venue: Ceremony GASK v Kutné Hoře, Reception Chateau Kotěra


Good evening, Marketa
you were absolutely incredible!!! Both GASK  and Chateau Kotěra looked just gorgeous. I was confident that the flowers will be beaufitul, but even exceeded my expectations and it took a breath away of my husband Petr.

Really, without you our wedding would not have been such .... incredible (I appologize for not having enough words to express myself at the moment...). Shall you have time someday we both would like to invite you for coffee. (Petr is now reproaching me having him seen all wedding vendors but you, our best one☺). I really hope we will make it one day to see each other again.

We wish all your clients to be at least ten percent as satisfied as we were. Have a great time and again - thank you million....


Markéta & David
Date: 11.7.2011
Venue: Chateau Mcely
Good evening, Marketa
Flowers were fantastic, expecially my bouquet, exactly as I wished it to be. Greatest satifastion, thank you very much.


I don´t have yet at my disposal the photographs taken by Zuzana Scharf, maybe next week. Momentarily I feast my eyes on the pixs on Zuzana facebook site.

I will send you the photos for sure.

Have a great time☺